Professional Negotiators

We are all negotiators and some of us are better than others because of experience.  My children are some of the best negotiators I have encountered.  Different people react in different ways to different offers in real estate.  You can level out with good negotiators by realizing their techniques and being prepared for any negotiation that involves bringing in a lot of money.
Remember the expression that a Penny Saved is a Penny earned?  This was wisdom from Ben Franklin. He was an amazing negotiator.  He realized that saving a penny when you buy is the same thing as earning the same penny and that was even before we had income tax.  Today when you save a penny or even $ 10,000 because you buy a property at a below market price, you saved more than the discount.  To pay another dollar to buy something, you first have to earn that dollar plus the additional tax .  Saving $1,000 when you buy something is the equivalent of earning the $1,000 plus tax.
There are many secrets that top negotiators use to get to an agreement.  An agreement doesn’t mean winning.  Unless both sides in a negotiation receive a benefit, even if it is initially agreed upon, it will usually fall apart with one side failing to perform as agreed.
If you are going to buy, sell and manage real estate, then you need to learn to negotiate.  As you become good at it, you will make a lot more money.  Negotiation is probably the most valuable skill that you can acquire.
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